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Providing Everything You Need From A Fire Safety Engineer

Fire Safety Engineers Compliance
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NCC/BCA Performance Solutions

Our fire safety engineers offer a comprehensive service to help get your Performance Solutions across the line beginning with initial fire brigade and building certifier consultations through to preparation of Performance Based Design Briefs (PBDBs), Fire Engineering Reports (FERs) and also commissioning inspections. 

We endeavor to deliver our reports faster than any other fire safety engineering consultant with more attention to detail and more frequent touch points with the statutory authorities to ensure prompt approvals.


Have the local council knocked on your door with a list of fire safety defects? Our fire safety engineers can review your options and liaise with the council's Building Fire Safety Committee (BFSC) to determine the most cost-effective and least disruptive solution to keep your business running safely and efficiently. 

We're committed to being on-site as soon as possible and guiding you through the whole process from investigation to final response to the BFSC. We'll "fire engineer" the safest solution for your site to the satisfaction of the BFSC.

Fire Safety Stairs
Performance Solutions
BFSC Responses
Fire Safety Consulting

NCC/BCA Consulting Advice

Need some help interpreting the requirements of the NCC/BCA beyond your private building certifier? We can help determine what your building requires to comply with the code's fire safety requirements so you're better equipped to discuss matters with your private building certifier. We've worked with a number of top-tier South Australian building certifiers and have a wealth of knowledge in the space of NCC/BCA compliance matters. 

Fire engineers and private building certifiers who work cohesively together are the foundation of a good project.

BCA Advice
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Fire and Life Safety Reviews

Are you concerned with how fire-safe your building is? Our fire engineers can audit your building, identify your fire safety shortfalls and how to best remediate them in a cost-effective yet safe manner. The best part? It won't cost you the world. 

Your insurers may wind up thanking you when you work with our fire safety engineers to identify and resolve these issues proactively! 

Fire Safety Stairs
Fire Safety Reviews
Fire Protection Services drawing
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Fire Protection Services Design

We have an in-house fire protection services design team who can prepare complying designs for your fire hydrant system, fire hose reels, extinguishers, fire detectors, fire alarm systems and automatic fire sprinkler systems. This will go hand-in-hand with your customised fire safety strategy! 

Fire Protection Service

Our fire safety engineers can undertake advanced computational modelling of buildings in fire and evacuation scenarios using Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) to validate our proposed fire safety Performance Solutions before submission to the fire brigade and private building certifier. Swift tweaks to building design and fire protection services to achieve the desired outcomes mean your project gets the most efficient outcome. 

FDS Fire Simulation
CFD Fire and Evacuation Modelling
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