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Adelaide Fire Safety Consulting Services

Adelaide Fire Engineers is a South Australian engineering services consultant specialising in Fire Safety Engineering. We have a passion for cost-effective and safe project delivery with heavy experience in a variety of sectors.

Our team of fire safety engineers will work tirelessly to target the desired results on your project. Building  code compliance doesn't necessarily need to be expensive or unattractive.


We will work collaboratively with the design team and liaise with the relevant Building Certifier and South Australian Fire Service to ensure the best outcome is achieved. 

Never underestimate the power of good advice


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Blog Posts


Have some questions about Fire Safety Engineering? We've got the most commonly asked questions answered below. Check out our blog for more free knowledge.

Your building is cutting edge and doesn't fit the mold of a typical building envisioned by the NCC/BCA. You may have a large atrium in your building or your building may be a large warehouse where travel to the nearest exit door is far.


No matter the intricacy of the building, AFE's fire safety engineering team can work with your designers to achieve a "fire-safe" solution whilst also maximizing your intended functionality. We tailor Performance Solutions to each building and seek to generate the greatest value to the client without a horrendous financial cost.

Want to discuss benefits of fire engineering for your project? Get in touch with us

What Kind Of Performance Solutions Are Possible For My Building?

Every building is different. We don't follow traditional cookie cutter methods that other consultants may adopt and instead focus on understanding what you as the client desire for your building and work collaboratively with the relevant authorities to achieve those outcomes. We're familiar with matters relating to:


Get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more!

When Should I Engage A Fire Safety Engineer For My Project?

In all honesty? As soon as you've got architectural floor plans being generated. We believe in true collaboration whereby open communication between us and your design consultants will reduce the frequency of rework and streamline your approvals process. Never should you have to throw a concept design in the bin after months of hard work because you engaged a fire safety engineering consultant too late in the program!

So what are you waiting for? Send us an email or call us!

What Kind of Cost Savings Can Fire Safety Engineering Give Me?

That's a loaded question! But definitely a common one. The possibilities are almost endless in the realm of fire safety engineering so some Performance Solutions involving omission of non-required fire protection measures may net you a very healthy cost saving. However, the ultimate goal of fire safety engineering is not to reduce cost but to maintain an acceptable level of life safety in your building for your occupants.


We'd be more than happy to work with your Quantity Surveyor or estimator to determine what the cost impacts of the Performance Solution are. Just get in touch with us! 

Will The Fire Brigade Still Protect My Property If It's Fire Engineered?

The widely accepted fire engineering process generally requires consultation with the fire brigade having jurisdiction in the area. It is a top priority of ours to seek the blessing of the fire brigade for Performance Solutions which have an impact on their firefighting operations. Quite simply: if they're not aware of the Performance Solution, they cannot effectively undertake operations to save your building/occupants.


Through detailed consultations and a lengthy review process for fire engineered solutions as mandated by a number of regulatory bodies, we will work to achieve a solution which does not have an adverse impact on the fire brigade's ability to fight a fire at your premises. Get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more!  

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